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Connecting members to the right providers—on the first try.

We work with real-time data to confirm eligibility and benefits, accurately and on-demand. Use our intelligence layer to display data based on product, plan or member, anytime, anywhere.

Powering your existing systems with accurate, real-time data.

Our business intelligence layer integrates seamlessly with your existing portal and provides instant interoperability with your backend systems, regardless of platform. We’ll help you leverage the unique systems investments you've already made, enhancing the results.

A user-friendly experience that’s in-line with your brand.

Our solutions are easily configured to meet your needs, providing data views that are as flexible as you need them to be—and users will never feel like they’ve left your site.

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Figuring Out If A Doctor Is In Your Plan Is Harder Than You Think


A standard provider directory is thing of the past; in today's world it has to be relevant to the consumer at a moment's notice. It's hard enough to deliver information by doctor, location and hospital affiliation let alone synchronize that data with each individuals' plan and benefits. The complexity is overwhelming, but not for VIIAD. Our engine is persistent and can dynamically generate transparency in real-time. Empower your users with accurate relevant data to drive better choices. Read article

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